Add life to your years

…and years to your life.

ACCELERATION will help you achieve your health goals and strengthen your commitment to a healthy lifestyle over the long-term.

  • Free online program over 12 weeks
  • A personal e-Facilitator to coach you
  • Interactive tools and materials

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Our experience makes the difference

The ACCELERATION program was developed by a coalition of researchers and health professionals from organizations across Canada.

Toronto Rehab Foundation
Toronto Rehab Institute
Concordia University
Nova Scotia Health Authority
University of British Columbia

ACCELERATION is a national research study led by the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Research Team at the Toronto Rehab Research (KITE) Institute, with funding coordinated through the Toronto Rehab Foundation. Meet all our team members.

ACCELERATION can work for you!

Exercising outdoors

We know everyone is different.  Our e-Facilitators will tailor the program content based on your personal health goals. Get an overview of the program.

Exercise with tracking technology

Changing your habits and behaviours can be challenging!  We’re here to support you along your journey. Learn how to get started.

Smiling and eating well

This online version of the ACCELERATION program is based on our successful in-person pilot program.  90% of participants would recommend the program to friends and family.  Learn more about the program’s success!

What do our graduates say?

Participants in our pilot project talk about the value of the ACCELERATION program model. Watch the video

Note: The in-person version of the program shown here is no longer offered.

Helping people in Canada to take charge of their health through goal-setting, tailored education, and skill-building activities with the support of trained healthcare providers serving as e-Facilitators.