Start living a healthier life and help our researchers improve the program for everyone.

Take part in this ambitious endeavour to prevent chronic disease in Canada.

Here’s how ACCELERATION works


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First we’ll see if you’re eligible.

Step 1: Registering
Sign up

Step 2: Screening
Answer questions to verify your eligibility for the study


Then, we’ll collect some health information from you.

Step 3: Consent
Give your consent to participate

Step 4: Questionnaire
Complete a questionnaire about your health habits


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Then, you start the program.

Get matched with your e-Facilitator, connect to the ACCELERATION platform, and get started!

Week 1: Virtual session with your e-Facilitator (by phone or video chat) to talk about your health goals.

Weeks 2 and 3: Start working on your goals using the online platform with weekly virtual sessions with your e-Facilitator.

Week 4: Work on building your knowledge and your health habits with tools and resources from your e-Facilitator.

Week 5: Keep working on your health goals and have your fourth virtual sessionwith your e-Facilitator.

Weeks 6, 7 and 8: Keep working on your goals, continue to receive weekly educational materials and evaluate your progress.

Week 9: Keep working on your goals and have your fifth virtual session with your e-Facilitator.

Weeks 10-11: The final stretch! Keep putting your skills into action.

Week 12: Final virtual session with your e-Facilitator to create a health maintenance plan.


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Keep up your healthy habits!

Get access to ACCELERATION tools and resources to support your healthy habits and continue your success.

Program FAQs

Who is eligible for the ACCELERATION Online program?

When you register, we’ll create an account for you and you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine your eligibility.

Here’s an overview:


  • Be currently living in Canada
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be able to communicate (speak, read and write) in French or English
  • Have consistent access to the internet


You must have at least one of the following risk factors:

  • Exercise less than 150 minutes (2.5 hours) per week
  • Eat less than 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day
  • Used any form of tobacco in the last 7 days
  • Experience high levels of stress on a regular basis


You will not be eliglble to participate if :

  1. You have been diagnosed with cancer within the last 5 years
  2. You have been diagnosed with a heart condition, have suffered a heart attack or stroke, or have had a heart procedure within the last year
  3. You have been clinically diagnosed with a chronic lung disease at any point (individuals with asthma are not excluded from this program).
  4. You struggle with alcoholism or an alcohol use disorder
  5. You are currently participating in another research study

Why is this program free?

Your participation helps us advance science!

Our goal is to improve how we deliver our program to better meet the health needs of Canadian communities and reduce risk of chronic disease.

You will help ACCELERATION grow and reach more Canadians.

ACCELERATION was originally an in-person program that proved successful in improving the health of participants. We are now taking the program online to reach even more people and hope to demonstrate the same level of success.

By joining, you will be part of a funded research study that aims to improve the ACCELERATION program and its online platform. This study is made possible with the generous support of the Medavie Health Foundation. Together, we want to help you live healthier.

Is this program safe?

ACCELERATION Online was designed by healthcare providers including physicians, dietitians, exercise professionals, and psychologists as well as clinical researchers.

During the 12-week program, you will have direct contact with an e-Facilitator, who is a registered exercise professional or a dietitian. Your e-Facilitator will provide feedback based on your health goals, arrange for linkages in your community and advise on how to effectively – and safely – adopt and maintain healthier behaviours.

Your program will be tailored to you based on responses provided in your health questionnaires, goals, and preferences. Should you have questions or concerns while participating in the program, your e-Facilitator will be there to address your concerns.

Is my personal information safe?

We take your privacy and the safety of your personal information very seriously.

Read more about our Privacy Policy and practices.

Do I need a special device to access the ACCELERATION Online platform?

The ACCELERATION platform is available from all the same devices you use to go online. You can access the platform using a desktop or laptop computer (and even a smart phone or tablet), or you can download the ACCELERATION app for your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Still not sure how to access the platform? Don’t worry, we can help you get connected.

Sample educational topics

*Please note: Educational content will be tailored to your goals and as such, you will only be provided with materials relevant to you.


  • Creating your exercise prescription
  • Exercising safely
  • Physical Activity Barriers
  • How Much Physical Activity?
  • Resistance Training


  • Making Sense of Food Labels
  • Fat & Fibre; Sugar & Sodium
  • Navigating Social Media and Food Messages
  • Meal Planning and Eating Out


  • Being Motivated to Quit
  • Preparation for Quit Day
  • Stress and Quitting Smoking
  • Coping with Social Triggers
  • Staying Quit


  • Defining and Recognizing Stress
  • Problem-Solving and Emotions
  • Time and Priority Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Pleasure and Wellbeing

*Eat Healthy and Be Active educational content available now.
Tobacco-free and Manage Stress content to be offered in 2020.


The program taught me skills. I had tangible goals.

Graduate, Vancouver, BC 2016

The education part was extremely important to me. I don’t need someone saying, ‘Do this!’ I need someone explaining “this is why you’re doing it”.

Graduate, Toronto, ON 2015

You’re not alone!

Long-term health is a challenge for every Canadian! In fact, about 80% of Canadian adults do not engage in enough physical activity, 60% do not consume enough fruits and vegetables, and 20% use tobacco products.